Impact SaaS

Our impact framework is aligned with global industry standards and has been reviewed and accredited by the Impact Management Project

Providing impact measurement, rating and assessment for investors

Investors and financial institutions alike are increasingly seeking to incorporate impact into their investment decisions. With a focus on helping financial institutions measure and maximise the contribution of their investments towards creating positive impact, our impact SaaS solution goes a step further than ESG by providing impact measurement and reporting to reflect the real-world impact of investments on society and the environment

Communicate your impact performance real-time through an automated digital dashboard using our industry accredited impact rating and analytics tool

Who can use the tool?

Private asset impact investment funds to effectively communicate the impact and financial performance of their investments to all stakeholders, enabling them to maximise impact.

Banks who want to use social and environmental data as a competitive advantage across their value chain and improve their ESG/impact scoring

Asset Managers preventing greenwashing, seeking compliance with heightened regulatory environments and meeting increased investor demand to reflect the social outcomes of portfolios